003 Sharp Sticks Joel Turner Part 1

I love it when someone stretches my current way of thinking.  I thought I knew the content Joel was going to share, but oh no. This information was far outside my current elk hunting box.

On this episode Joel Turner talks about how he consistently calls in herd bulls using bugles.  With much of the elk hunting community talking about using hunting methods outside of calling elk during the rut, Joel provides the opposite perspective.

If you want to get ahold of Joel to have speak your group or put on a workshop email him at jsturner14@msn.com .   He does the following seminars:


-Archery Shooting

-Tactical Bowhunting School where he puts the two topics together

-Guide School:  Outfitters hire Joel to train their guides on how to instruct the client to giving a better experience and greater success to the client.

Joel also does custom mouth reeds.  He first sends multiple samples for a client to try and then customizes the tension on the latex to match the sound the client is hoping to achieve.

Joel has two DVD’s available for purchase at www.acsbows.com



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  1. Mr. Wambeke

    Thank you for these 2 parts with Mr. Turner! I enjoyed watching his Instinctive Elk Calling DVD and now hearing him on your podcasts and how his technique has evolved from the time the DVD was produced. Additionally I’d like to say thank you for making the entire podcast library available via iTunes, i makes those commutes to and from work educational!

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